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Senior iOS Developer

Job i København

For a financial client in Copenhagen we are searching for a Senior iOS Developer.

Job description:
Developing and driving development of an iOS app (developed mainly in Swift) and SDK (developed in Objective-C). Development will be done based on an existing Android prototype and UX guidelines.

Development of the full app, which will integrate at least Objective-C and C/C++ libraries. Development of the SDK in Objective-C with functioning example source code (both Objective-C and Swift) and documentation for using the iOS SDK in an app. Implementing automated UI testing and unit testing of the app and SDK, working with testers to fulfil testing requirements.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Driving development of an iOS app and an iOS SDK based on an existing Android prototype.

  • Working closely with Android developers, backend developers and testers to create a production ready iOS app.

  • Driving implementation of automated testing of an iOS app and SDK, unit testing and Automated UI testing.

  • Creating streamlined and simple documentation and example source code for other developers which will be using the iOS SDK built in the project.

  • Quick resolution of problems found during the daily build and deployment efforts.

  • Strong Objective-C and Swift skills, including bridgi...

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